Artist.  Mom.  Art Educator.  Facilitator. Nature Nut.  Knowledge addict.

I am highly qualified as an art educator with 20+ years teaching and 30+ years as a freelance artist.  As an art educator, I strive to teach my students (regardless the circumstances of their current environment) skills and knowledge that will serve to improve their life experience. Whether my students use visual art as anxiety relief, a hobby, a career, or their life’s work – my goal is to provide intelligent, caring, expert learning opportunities that will last a lifetime.

As a facilitator of professional development opportunities, my goal is to provide educators and administrators with knowledge, skills, and techniques that can be taken directly back to and utilized at the campus and in the classroom. My presentations are focused on content and projects that integrate art with all subjects, and enhance already existing curriculum and lessons.

I believe that we all learn, every day of our lives. I love imparting knowledge and skills to others and watching them in turn succeed.


3 thoughts on “About

    1. Thank You again!! This has opened the door of opportunity to see so many bloggers out there I haven’t seen yet. I love photography and art and getting to see through so many eyes new to me is a real delight and so inspirational!! I can’t begin to express how important the timing of this has been.

      1. I am so happy to hear your enthusiasm. I agree, I love to see what everyone else is doing. It amazes me every day the different directions people take their artistic pursuits.

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